The nautical sector now has a specialized department at SOIB for job/personnel search

The nautical sector now has a specialized department at SOIB for job/personnel search
AENIB and SOIB collaborate to present a sectoral department for the nautical sector

AENIB, in collaboration with the Balearic Employment Services (SOIB) together with ANEN and the Balearic Marine Cluster, have presented what will be the sectoral department of the employment services specializing in the nautical sector, a platform that will serve to raise awareness of the industry among young people, as well as inform them about specialized training in the sector.

The main objective of this platform is to get to know the needs of companies and work on the analysis of professional profiles, since "sometimes the selection is not so easy because the profiles are not defined," explains Magdalena Pastor, head of the sectoral departments of SOIB. In this respect, Pastor has asked companies, when hiring, to consider also other possible profiles. "Sometimes we cannot find the perfect profile required by the company, because maybe there are no trained people available, but certainly we can find reasonably good matches, with good level of languages and other useful skills, but maybe just lacking specific training in the field," explains Pastor.

The sectoral department, which has a team of three agents, will provide the nautical sector with a direct communication channel, further provided by AENIB to its members, between the company and potential candidates. It is a platform for handling the specific needs of the nautical companies and finding the best profiles to fill the vacancies. At SOIB they are aware that these needs are not easy to fill. "That is why we work together with the associations, to specify the profiles and needs of each company," says Pastor.

But this platform will not offer only job intermediation, they will also carry out an exhaustive work orientation programme with people interested in the nautical sector, through a series of talks that are taking place in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The aim is to bring the nautical world to young people, and to motivate them to get trained.

SOIB will be the facilitator between the companies and the candidates and will offer through its platforms the maximum circulation of all job offers, so that anyone who meets the requirements can register. The companies can then carry out a pre-selection and interview the best candidates directly.

For the moment, all the offers of the nautical sector will be managed from the sectoral department located within the facilities of the hospitality building of the university of the Balearic Islands, but in the future a physical office is planned in another location.

SOIB offers its services throughout the Balearic Islands through its three offices located in Ibiza, the three in Menorca, plus the Centre del Mar, an office in Formentera, and the eight offices in Mallorca, plus the sectoral office. However, all companies that are interested in starting a search for personnel, can contact the secretary of AENIB, who will explain how to carry out this process. (

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