The Balearics at the top of the national nautical market thanks to charters

The Balearics at the top of the national nautical market thanks to charters
The charter remains the engine of the Balearic marine industry, with a growth of 25% between January

Between January and July, a total of 887 pleasure boats were registered in the Balearic Islands, representing a slight decrease (4.42%) compared to the 928 registered in the same period last year. The evolution in the Balearics, according to data collected in the "Recreational Boat Market Report, January-July 2022", published by ANEN based on the data provided by the Directorate General of Merchant Marine, has been significantly better than in the total domestic market , where registrations in this period have fallen by 17.1%, to stand at 4,433 units.

Thus, the archipelago consolidates its leadership position in the domestic nautical market, standing for 2 out of 10 vessels registered in Spain so far this year, compared to 17.36% in July 2021. In the provincial ranking, Barcelona follows with 11%, then Girona, with 7.58%.

As for the charter market, the Balearic Islands grew by 25.6% to reach 525 units registered between January and July, compared to the 5% decline recorded at national level, where 1,600 boats have been registered for charter. The Islands account for 32.81% of the national charter market, followed by Girona with 10.63%, and Alicante, with 8.49%.

According to Carlos Sanlorenzo, secretary general of ANEN, "the data of the nautical market, which continues to be affected by the supply chain crisis that has been impacting since the middle of last year causing delays in deliveries of boats, reflect a trend towards stabilization of the sector after two years of strong growth. However, the demand for nautical activities, despite the uncertainty in the economy ahead of the coming months, continues to grow as evidenced by the number of boats sailing along the Spanish coast this summer, a manifestation that nautical tourism remains a leisure trend on the rise".

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