The Balearic Nautical Calendar - a new tool on the AENIB website

The Balearic Nautical Calendar - a new tool on the AENIB website
All you need to do is to contact AENIB's communication department and send us the information you wi

AENIB has launched a new tool on its website for publication of events in the form of a section for upcoming activities. The members of the association can use the agenda to publish the events and activities they consider of interest.

AENIB, as a representative of the nautical companies in the Balearics, counts among its tasks to provide a channel of communication for its members. Similarly, AENIB positions itself as a source of information for the larger public interested in the sector and what it has to offer.


One of the most powerful communication tools of the association is its website,, which functions, among other things, as an information channel for all those who want to learn more about the sector. For companies, it is a platform on which to communicate their news, promotions and events.

Therefore, AENIB would like to remind all its associates that they have at their disposal, on the website of the entity, a section of UPCOMING ACTIVITIES ( where they can publicly inform their customers, partners, colleagues in the sector, and the general public about the activities and events they consider of interest.

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