The Balearic Islands gains prominence on the boat market

The Balearic Islands gains prominence on the boat market
The Balearic Islands accounted for two out of ten boat registrations in Spain between January and Se

Between January and September 2022, 1003 recreational boats have been registered in the Balearic Islands, representing a slight decrease of 5.64% over the same period last year, according to data collected in the "Recreational boat market report January-September, 2022", edited by ANEN from data provided by the Directorate General of Merchant Marine.

Thus, the Balearic Islands continued to increase its market share in the Spanish nautical sector to 19.29%, which means that practically 2 out of 10 boat registrations in Spain are done in the Balearic Islands. As leading provinces in this area, Balearic Islands is followed by Barcelona with 10.83%, and Girona, with 7.21%.

Also in the charter market, the Balearic Islands continues to lead with a 32% market share and the highest growth in charter registrations, with an increase of 28.5% in coastal areas.

This development contrasts with that experienced by the national nautical sector as a whole, where the decline was 16.9% to settle at 5,200 registrations. This evolution "confirms the forecasts of the sector; the registrations of recreational boats stabilize as the figures remain similar to those achieved in the same period of 2019, before the pandemic. The longer duration of the summer has been positive for recreational boating, providing a chance to take advantage of the good weather to enjoy nautical activities for a longer period. However, the supply crisis affecting certain segments of boat and jetski market continues to worry our companies on top of other international economic instability," in the words of Carlos Sanlorenzo, secretary general of ANEN.


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