Join us! Become part of the AENIB family

Join us! Become part of the AENIB family
AENIB is the leading nautical employers' association in the Balearics.

You may have some questions and that's why we have created this quick guide - you will find here everything you need to know so you can make the decision to join us, with all the information in hand.

What is AENIB? The Association of Nautical Companies in the Balearic Islands (AENIB) is the leading nautical employers' association in the Balearics. AENIB celebrated its 30th anniversary in service of the sector in 2021, and maintains constant communication between the associates and with the local authorities to defend the interests of the Balearic nautical companies. AENIB is a founding member of the National Association of Nautical Companies (ANEN), exercising significant influence at state level, where some of the major industry-wide decisions are taken. Therefore, the Balearic Islands, represented by AENIB and as a region with the most powerful nautical sector in Spain, has a decisive role in the institutions at the national level.

By joining AENIB, you will become part of a family made up of more than a hundred nautical companies that carry out activities in the Balearic Islands such as shipyards, yacht sales, charter, schools and training, repair and maintenance, nautical services, etc.

What requirements must be met to join? To be part of AENIB, your company or a branch of your company must be dedicated to nautical services and have headquarters or an office in the Balearic Islands, carrying out activity in the islands.

What advantages does AENIB offer its members? AENIB is a member of the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB), which maintains various agreements and conventions that benefit the associates of AENIB in the form of discounts and commercial advantages in many areas, for example labour and taxation, insurance, research and development, appraisals, industrial and intellectual property, human resource management, occupational health and safety, quality control and environment, financial products and services, fuel and training. In addition, as an association of reference in the sector, AENIB always uses this position to promote its associates. By joining the association, your company will be included in our business directory, which can be consulted on this website.

Last, but not least, by joining AENIB you are doing your part to strengthen the Balearic nautical companies in their defense of the interests of the entire sector.

Fighting for Quality Training. In addition, we participate rightfully in the negotiating tables concerning the main issues of the nautical sector. AENIB works together with the Spanish Government in the implementation of Nautical Vocational Training in Spain and in the Balearic Islands. At regional level, AENIB has also collaborated with the Balearic Government by providing assessors to the Professional Institute of Qualifications in the Balearic Islands (IPQIB)

Committed to our sector. We have been involved in the organisation of the different editions of the Palma International Boat Show since the beginning and we have fought to make it grow and shine with its own light, meeting the demands of the sector.

Furthermore, our entity, as a nautical employer organization of reference in the Balearic Islands, collaborates with other industry associations and participates in working groups to defend the interests of the sector. In addition, we have recently and very closely supported the creation of new entities such as the Association of Nautical Schools in the Balearic Islands or the Spanish Boat Club Association (ACNE).

How much are the membership fees? To be able to take advantage of these benefits, the associates pay a fee of 125 € every three months, as well as a one-off registration fee of 200 € when joining the association. All the membership fees are destined entirely towards the association’s activities for the benefit of the sector.

We communicate constantly and without delay the latest news in the Balearic nautical sector, and also publish a calendar of events of the association and of the sector. If you want to receive our newsletter by e-mail, sign up here.