Balearic nautical schools join forces in a new association

Balearic nautical schools join forces in a new association
Among its projects is the creation of a quality seal to address the intrusiveness of this activity.

With the aim of lobbying together to influence the decisions of the regional authorities that affect this sector, in addition to creating a seal that certifies its quality to address the intrusion suffered by this activity.

"We must emphasize that nautical training is the first link in the nautical industry," says Carlos Petisco, manager of the Escuela del Mar and member of the board of the Association of Nautical Companies in the Balearic Islands, AENIB. "Nautical enthusiasts should get the corresponding title before buying or renting a boat," he remarks.

"With the association, we want to gain strength against the administrations, which normally do not take us into account when drawing up regulations, and even less so with the restrictions derived from the pandemic," Petisco denounces. "By volume of students and square meters of facilities we are equated to driving schools or dance schools when restrictions are applied, despite the fact that the nature of our activity is very different," he laments.

The association, formed by 10 nautical schools in Mallorca, 2 in Menorca and 2 in Ibiza, was presented during the Palma International Boat Show. "Our intention is to get in touch with schools and associations on the mainland to gain even more muscle in defending the interests of the sector and match our strength to that of the administrations," says Petisco.

On behalf of AENIB, its president, Jaume Vaquer notes that "From AENIB, we consider this initiative very interesting. Nautical training is a key element for the proper functioning of the sector, and is the first link to attract increasingly larger parts of society to enjoy the sea and sailing," "Undoubtedly, the nautical schools are a fundamental pillar in a marine industry that generates a lot of wealth for the whole of the Balearic and Spanish economy, and it is very important to defend their interests together, and with all the weight of the marine industry behind," he adds.

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