AENIB urges the involved parties to seek solutions for Cabanellas Shipyard

AENIB urges the involved parties to seek solutions for Cabanellas Shipyard
AENIB condemns the order to close this renowned local shipyard

The Balearic Ports has denied Astilleros Cabanellas the extension of the administrative concession by which it has been operating since 1959. "It is a pity that such an acknowledged nautical institution with strong local traditions as the Astilleros Cabanellas is affected by political and technical decisions and has to suspend its activity, when solutions could be found to satisfy all parties," said Jaume Vaquer, president of AENIB.

"In 2018, we presented a proposal to update the concession fee to a market price (up to 60,000 euros per year), as well as an investment plan of almost 600,000 euros, which included the creation of a school-museum of 'mestres d'Aixa' (traditional shipwrights), important improvements for the sustainability of the port, and energy efficiency improvements, among other aspects. The Balearic Ports has just informed us of their firm decision that this project is not of interest to them and that their intention is to put the concession out to tender, without any room for negotiations or offering us the possibility to defend ourselves", denounces Toni Cabanellas, the managing director of this family business.

One of the first members of AENIB

Managed by the third generation of a family of craftsmen in the naval tradition of Mallorca, Astilleros Cabanellas has carried out their activity for 62 years in Port de Pollença in the field of maintenance and conservation of small and large traditional boats. They have maintained the tradition of the ancient techniques of the 'mestres d'aixa' when working with wood and in the conservation of 'llaüts'. It was one of the first associates of AENIB, and was awarded the honor of the Most Senior Member by the Association in 2009.

"The facilities of the company are located on public land, by virtue of a public concession granted to the grandfather of the current director, and all the facilities were entirely paid for by the Cabanellas family. The Law changed, and the Administration was granted the power to revoke concessions that had a duration of more than 30 years. But this law, logically, was created mainly for those situations in which there were private uses of public land and in which no public service was offered, contrary to our case", emphasizes the representative of  Astilleros Cabanellas.

The company is fighting for the concession to be extended, and for the shipyard not to be converted into a dry marina, as foreseen in the draft General Plan of Ports of the Balearic Islands. The company has launched a campaign on and social networks to stop the closure of the shipyard, which still has no date but will affect about 20 workers, between employees and subcontractors.

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