AENIB meets with new directors of APB, IDI, and the Ministry of Business

AENIB meets with new directors of APB, IDI, and the Ministry of Business
Jaime Vaquer and Margarita Dahlberg met with the director of APB, Javier Sanz.

The Association of Nautical Companies in the Balearic Islands (AENIB), as the leading organization in the nautical sector in the islands and, therefore, the representative intermediary for nautical companies with government authorities, has participated in two significant meetings this week with the new heads of the Balearic Port Authority (APB), Javier Sanz; the Institute for Business Innovation in the Balearic Islands (IDI), Silvia Delgado; and the Ministry of Business, Employment, and Energy, Alejandro Sáenz de San Pedro García.

In the first of these meetings, held at the APB headquarters, AENIB was represented by its president, Jaume Vaquer; honorary president, Margarita Dahlberg; and legal advisor, Sandra Mayrata. They were received by the president of the APB, Javier Sanz, who listened attentively to the proposals, concerns, and ideas of the Balearic nautical sector regarding the future of the sector, with a particular focus on tax-related issues.

The AENIB delegation expressed their gratitude to Sanz for his willingness to engage in dialogue, his interest in the industry's proposals, and his collaborative and open-minded approach. The organization appreciates the profile of the new president of the APB, a person with close ties to the industry who has been a nautical entrepreneur, former president of the Real Club Náutico de Palma, and currently holds the position of president of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation (RFEV). As a result, a positive working relationship with the industry is anticipated during his tenure at the helm of the APB.

On the other hand, the IDI headquarters hosted this week the technical committee meeting of the Palma International Boat Show (PIBS), which will celebrate its 40th edition from April 25 to 28, 2024. AENIB's president Vaquer, along with Isabel Flores and Tina Campins, members of the Board of Directors of AENIB, attended this meeting. The gathering also included representatives from the Balearic Marine Cluster and BYBA, and it served as the initial meeting with the new Director-General of IDI, Silvia Delgado, and the Minister of Business, Employment, and Energy, Alejandro Sáenz de San Pedro García.

AENIB was able to present a document to Delgado outlining its proposals, main objectives, and ideas for the 40th anniversary of the PIBS, one of the nautical exhibitions that has gained substantial recognition and international prominence. As emphasized by AENIB, this success is due to the support from the local nautical business community.

AENIB praises the conciliatory and open attitude of the new head of IDI, applauds the change in direction taken by the organization in this regard, and considers the formation of this organizing committee with representatives from the Balearic nautical sector a wise decision.

These meetings are part of the regular exchanges that AENIB has with high-ranking officials of institutions responsible for matters related to the nautical industry. In this regard, the head of the new Ministry of the Sea and Water Cycle, Juan Manuel Lafuente, recently received representatives from AENIB to gain first-hand information about the state of the industry at both the national and regional levels. This meeting, too, was conducted in an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation.

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