AENIB applauds the International Women's Day in the Maritime Sector

AENIB applauds the International Women's Day in the Maritime Sector
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AENIB, as a Balearic nautical employer organisation, celebrates and fully supports the decision of the International Maritime Organization to declare the 18th of May the "International Day of Women in the Maritime Sector'', recognizing and giving visibility to the fundamental female contribution to the different industries related to the sea.


"It is a very positive initiative. The truth is that in the nautical sector, although there are many women working, they do not always have much visibility. 

In the case of the Balearic nautical sector, dominated by micro-enterprises and self-employed, it is very common that the technician is a man, but behind there is often a woman doing all the invisible work of administration and business management: buying material, invoicing, keeping accounts, etc.. And all this, combining it with family life," says Margarita Dahlberg, honorary president of AENIB who held the presidency of AENIB for two decades and is one of the first women in the Balearic Islands to obtain the higher degree in vocational training in electronics.


"Although there are many women in the sector in areas such as management, commercial departments, charter and boat sales, and there are more and more naval engineers, the unfinished business is still to increase the female presence in technical positions in the sector. There is a lack of female electricians, carpenters, painters, mechanics, etc. We encourage women to train professionally for these traditionally male jobs, as there is a great career opportunity," she adds.

"About 20 years ago, it was rare to find women in leadership roles in the industry. Today there are many more women in management positions, and you can see that at industry conferences and trade shows," says Diane Franklin of e3 Systems, who has been working in yachting for 20 years. "I think this is a result of a combination of legislation, cultural changes, education and training on equality issues."

In her opinion, "there are many professional opportunities for women in the sector, especially in the superyacht niche. Just look at the number of companies offering services to superyachts (construction, repair, maintenance, electronics, telecommunications, sales, charter, shipyards, marinas, fuel suppliers, wine distribution, concierge, etc.). It is a very interesting sector, which includes many professions and continues to grow," she adds.

The key, in her opinion, is to "educate and inform girls about the possibilities offered by the sector. These young women need examples of women to look up to. We have to promote the sector even more, as the Balearics is a reference for the superyacht sector. We also need to ensure that our companies offer flexibility at work and that we recognize the importance of work-life balance," she stresses.

"In conclusion, it must be said that AENIB is a great example. I have been member for many years, and during these years we have always had women leaders and decision-makers as associates. If this was replicated in all companies, we could say that we have achieved full equality," says Diane.

The Balearic nautical sector, in fact, has many invaluable women in key positions of responsibility, such as Tina Campins (Nova Náutica), Velislava Ilieva (Astilleros de Mallorca), Francisca Ángel (Metalnox), Dora (Veles Tot Vent), Xisca Aguiló and Inma Ruiz (Escuela del Mar), Kika Llull and Marta Vaquer (Jaume Vermell Náutica), Isabel Flores (Azul Yachts), Ana Dalmau (Mercanáutic), Maena Salom (Nautipaints), Patricia Bullock (Network Marine Consultants), Ana Ripoll (Links Marine), Silja Teege (Sea Tech), Liz Singelton (Echo Marine), Tracey Furness (Lifestyle Charters), Bárbara Müller (Ocean Independence), Monika Wortberg (Yacht Moments), Carlota Piñol (Pantaenius), Caroline Broms (Baxter Marine), María Castro (Nautica Castrovan), Delphine Muñoz (PSB Marine), Beatriz Montojo (Marivent Yachts), Pilar Muel and Rosa Lopera (AENIB) or the recently retired Margarita Clar of Ferdinautic among many women that if we were to mention them all, the list would be incredibly long.

Although there is still much work to be done to achieve gender equality, the female protagonism increases year after year in the nautical sector, for the benefit of all nautical enthusiasts. Therefore, AENIB celebrates the decision of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) to dedicate May 18 to recognize the fundamental female contribution to the different industries related to the sea.


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